Nous, saisonniers,
Genève 1931-2019

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières… Genève, 1931-2019, this study elaborates on the show’s themes to provide visitors with an additional resource, but also to keep alive their memory of the event. With this publication, we hope to offer readers an in-depth reminder of the show through image and text.

Like the exhibition it covers, the book version of Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières… is meant to honor guest workers by recalling these men and women’s decisive contributions to the economic boom of Switzerland, and notably the city of Geneva, in the second half of the 20th century. The publication is dedicated to them primarily, along with their families, but it is also addressed to the inhabitants of this canton and this country so that a troubling chapter of our history is not forgotten. The story holds lessons that apply today. Indeed, key factors that made it possible to exploit so many guest workers, and in conditions that were inhuman in many respects, still exist unfortunately. The situation continues to prevail today, in our very city and country, for thousands of undocumented individuals and many other workers, who, in growing numbers, face increasing job insecurity in a world that is more and more commonly deemed inequitable and unjust.