Enquête sur les conditions de travail des artistes* à Genève

Carried out between December 2019 and May 2020, the study aims to take stock of the working conditions of cultural actors in the field of contemporary art in Geneva. It was also designed to collect data on the question in order to examine how to foster progress in terms of those working conditions and bring them into a better alignment. The study includes the cultural actors living and/or active in the Canton of Geneva or the surrounding region (legal and illegal residents, living just across the border in France, etc.) who are professionally active in the field of contemporary art (visual artists, performers, freelance curators, critics, researchers, etc.). It also covers the venues, festivals, and public or private art spaces that display contemporary-art projects, subsidized or not by the city, canton or communes of Geneva, as well as the public and private patrons providing support to artists in the area.