Rosa Brux

Rosa Brux is a group that first gathered around a self-managed exhibition venue in Brussels (2012-16). It addressed social and political issues while providing a platform for critical practices arising in the Swiss and international art scenes.

The original members were two artists and curators (Jeanne Gillard and Nicolas Rivet), an art historian and curator (Laurence Schmidlin), a graphic designer (Clovis Duran), two filmmakers (Louise Gillard and Elsa Lévy) and an art theoretician and critic (Frédéric Wecker).

Since 2017, Rosa Brux has evolved into a transdisciplinary group based in Geneva that continues to pursue its objectives by building a nexus between groups active in domains as diverse as political action, preserving memories and law. Through its work Rosa Brux seeks to contribute to the emergence of transversal movements that experiment with possible alternatives to institutional criticism. Rosa Brux strives, through its practice, to connect not only disciplines but also communities and temporalities that don’t usually interact. This practice gives rise to new scenes – platforms for visibility and actions – that open the way for new forms of interaction and thinking about the relationships between art and society.

This approach takes the form of exhibitions, performances and events, as well as work groups comprised of people from the various fields of art (artists, curators, art critics, etc.) as well as historians, archivists, naturopaths, lawyers, workers, trade unionists and political activists.