Pablo Briones

Domitila is an indigenous Peruvian woman who has been an undocumented domestic worker in Geneva for over 20 years. With the death of her daughter several years earlier, she faced an unprecedented situation for her, namely financial hardship and extreme isolation because she speaks only Quechua and Spanish.

Having reached the age of retirement but without the possibility of receiving a pension, she turned to a legal advice office in the hope that her status as a laborer in Switzerland might be officially recognized. Following her consultation, she was advised to return to her home country since the meager traces of her left in the official record by her employers were sorely inadequate to prove she had indeed spent many years in Geneva.

In the logic of the administrative state, Domitila remains an abstraction. Pablo Briones paints a unique personal portrait of Domitia in which the social divides of Genevan society resonate.