Interfoto was founded in 1976 by a group of nonprofessional photographers who wanted to put themselves “in the service of male and female workers.” The agency is made up of 6 members, Andrea Baccini, Franco Cavadini, Véronique Jeanneret, Cornelia Kerkhoff, Jacques Saugey, and Riccardo Willig.

In 1989, Interfoto published Saisons sans fin (Endless Seasons) on seasonal guest workers. The book takes a more personal approach, revealing many facets of the lives of immigrants – their concrete contributions to society, but also their housing conditions and the difficulties they face due to the ban on “family reunification,” forcing their children to lead a kind of underground life.

Recalling the photos of Dorothea Lange, some of the Interfoto images contrast the wealth and comfort promised by Swiss society with the harsh reality of the day-to-day existence the country serves up to the most disadvantaged among its inhabitants.