Thanks but No Thanks


Starting in the 1960s, a decade when the politicalization of a part of the art world went up against the institutional art authorities, many demands were put forward regarding the status and working conditions of artists.

From the first contract including a clause protecting artists’ resale rights conceptualized by Seth Siegelaub with the help of Bob Projansky to the more recent campaigns regarding artists rights, Working Artists and the Greater Economy (w.a.g.e, U.S.), Économie solidaire de l’art (France), Wages For Wages Against (Switzerland) and The Value of Culture (Belgium), Rosa Brux draws up a list of grievances and informs artists about their rights.

A cross between an agency and an information stand, this project will provide public access to consultable documents and online initiatives, and consultations with lawyers specializing in artists rights.

By connecting partners active around juridical issues, this initiative seeks to lay out concrete resolution strategies and experiment with possible alternatives to the institutional critique.