Using a 1932 photomontage by John Heartfield, Vincent de Roguin offers us a critical and personal review of radical political imagery from the 20th century, from its mythological or revolutionary roots to its most regrettable contemporary reappropriations. Communist agitprop, Swiss fascism, German pop art, or British anarcho-punk, take your pick – Vincent de Roguin traces the history of reappropriations and relics, pretenses and sublimations.

D’histoires d’engagements (Stories of Commitments) is the last Rosa Brux event in its space on Rue de l’Autonomie. Over its four years of existence, Rosa Brux constantly strove to foster and enrich its difficult initial project, i.e., to bring to life and support an exhibition venue for critical art practices that are politically committed. An independent organization from the very start, Rosa Brux will be back and soon! We are looking forward to seeing all of you for one last party at our Rue de l’Autonomie address!