Playing Dice with Stephen Hawking


Sugar, like the end of the world was waiting for us over by the fireside. Mornings I’m more of a coffee person. It wouldn’t change nothing, you know, if there’s liquid, I go all weak in the knees…

Laura Gozlan, or like a certainty of the influence of gamma rays on the earth.

— Why Stephen Hawking ? — Surely because he’s paradoxically ironic. — And why English? — Because a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down much more easily than a sugar cube helps the medicine flow, if you ask me. — And why that certainty straight off? Or was it a calling into question? — Is that a real question you’re asking there? — So why then this need for colonization? — Because the end, here on earth, is near. — Com’on, you don’t believe that shit right? — Well, yeah. — So why conquer space? — Yeah, well, because we ain’t gonna, you know, do like the dolphins and go back under water, right? They’re all dipshits, dolphins. And like the monkey’s gotta always think he’s like smarter than everybody else. Maybe it’s because he is smarter than everybody else in the end. — Nah, I don’t think so. He’s diplomatic. — Ants and wasps, too, right? Supposedly if rats were like the size of dogs, we’d be in seriously deep shit. Then again we weren’t all born yesterday, nomesayin? And even if it was enough for some to have seen the first ones, the very ones that gave birth to ‘em, at least I’m sure I ain’t the last one to see the wrath of the gods rain down on the earth. Com’on, enough with the questions already. — Yo, what’s up wid you, you’re all white as a sheet? You scared? — Yes. — Yo, you ain’t made a sugar, you know. — Well, yeah. Shit yeah. — Like you didn’t know it’s irreversible, from the get-go. They never hid it from you. It is what it is. Com’on stop, it’ll pass and we’ll start again. It’s the cycle of life or whatever. — Of what? We who? — Us. I mean not us, but Man, humans, the race what. And anyway, here or there, what’s the difference anyway? — OK but you know, like what do we do with natural selection then? — Seriously, in all that, no time to give it some time. Got to keep up with the times, like they say at the Washington Post. Strangelove made that bed and we are lying in it. Anyway your choice is like cultural. We ain’t gonna like send a-hole morons up to populate space, huh? There’s already enough right around here, doncha think? To guarantee the future of humanity, gotta have like solid foundations, already the ground’s trembling, imagine they send over a bunch a jerks, they dig the trench, bang, in ten minutes game over. Com’on go to sleep. The cosmic latte? You gonna get it soon enough. Then we’ll take care of the rest. — What rest? How so? I don’t unnerstand. — Re. Pop. U. Late. — Wha? — Don’t worry. I’m telling you, it ain’t gonna last long. Actually, at first it might hurt a little, just the time to get used to it, all that stuff, you know, but that’s normal. Com’on, don’t think about it, believe me. whatever happens, you won’t remember.

Clément Gagliano