Screening of Logical Revolt

Fri 17.05.2013, 21:00

During the evening event 3-8 is pleased to offer a screening of Révoltes Logiques (Logical Revolts), Louis Henderson’s 2012 graduation film project for his degree from Le Fresnoy (Studio national des arts contemporains).

Taking as his starting point the discovery of the scenario for a film that was never shot, written by the UN in the 1950s and dealing with the Suez Crisis, Henderson went to the Egypt of today. The filmmaker decided to observe, like an archeologist, the changes occurring in a country, what has disappeared yet remains present in our memory

Révoltes Logiques builds a reflection around the notion of the image, tourist image, postcard, images that are missing; the film conjures up the ghosts of a past that no longer exists yet remains alive.

Clément Gagliano