Bureau for Legal Aid Services, Zoom


  • Legal Advice Clinic

Artists are under-informed about their rights.

This lack of information is detrimental to their interests, particularly in their relations with other cultural actors. The legal permanence aims to advise artists of all disciplines. The consultations are offered by the association Lab-of-Arts (Legal Arrangements for the Benefits of Arts) which gathers attorneys specialized in art law. This bureau for legal aid services was initiated in January 2018 by the collaboration of the associations Lab-of-Arts and Rosa Brux at Forde.

In order to respect sanitary measures in the current context, the bureau for legal aid services organized by Lab-of-Arts will no longer take place in person at the Grütli (Geneva) and Tunnel Tunnel (Lausanne) until further notice.

However, it is important to us to maintain the consultations through the Zoom platform (https://zoom.us) in order to continue to inform you about your rights.

For organizational purposes, we ask those interested in a consultation with an attorney to register by e-mail (info@lab-of-arts.com).

The consultations will take place via Zoom, until further notice, from 19:00 to 21:00 (30-minute consultation).


  • Mon 18.01.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 01.02.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 15.02.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 01.03.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 15.03.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 29.03.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 12.04.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 26.04.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 10.05.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 31.05.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 14.06.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00

  • Mon 28.06.2021, 19:00⁠–⁠21:00