Feminist Self-Defense Classes

Sat 14.05.2022, 9:30⁠–⁠13:30

The STRAT association invites you to take part in a feminist self-defense workshop for women (self-identified) and trans,* intersex and non-binary people. In this introduction to physical self-defense we learn to recognize our boundaries and make people respect them, recognize the legitimacy of defending ourselves and become better at it. The goal is to construct a range of self-defense tools suitable for our needs, so as to increase our self-confidence in the different situations we find ourselves in daily. We use games, exercises and role-playing to try out simple and effective techniques of physical self-defense in an atmosphere of caring, respect and confidentiality. The workshop will be led by two queer cisgender women, one white and the other racialized. It will be held in an exhibition space accessible by a stairway.