V.N.I (or U.I.V., unidentified voices) aims to join two women’s lives and voices, those of Bernadette Soubirous and a Belgian housewife, both witnesses who are heard, not seen.

3-8 invites you to listen to the underground rumors and oral accounts of meetings with extraterrestrials.

Initially, you are invited to a screening of Lucile Desamory’s film Dark Matter, which takes us to 1989 and Belgium, victim of a wave of UFOs. A short 7-minute film in which the archival images run smack into the sound world of TV news. Dark Matter, a film collage and megaphone for the viewers of these unidentified flying objects.

In the second part of the show, you are invited to a screening of Grotta profunda, les humeurs du gouffre (Deep Cave, the Humors of the Abyss) by Pauline Curnier Jardin, a 30-minute film depicting the appearance of the Immaculate Conception as experienced by Bernadette, a child who is wandering in a half-conscious state and finds herself inside a cave. There a whole extravagant cosmology is meant to teach her about questions of the origins of humanity. An ancestral death rattle, drops that fall as beads into puddles beneath stalactites, the turbulent rock face of the gaping hole – these natural elements are themselves fused in the initiation ritual of the young visionary.