Flux Paranoïa


The 360° vision of dauphins, Swiss stone pine, Juwain’s philosophy, schizophrenia and sociopathic behaviors, a pasture on the ubac (that northern-facing shady side of mountains), Christmas crib figurine, and perfume – this is Flux Paranoïa.

Bordering on the fields of act and performance, the project is a playful enthusiastic slapstick passage through questions of narrative, knowledge, and exchange – language as a malleable material.

A generator of links, Flux Paranoïa is a performance-talk for two voices, those of Laure Marville and Roxane Bovet. But it looks more like a tale read in a cozy chair by the fire. Like a thread that is running through your thinking which, in the Wireless Age, plays out before our eyes. In a world of fragments, perhaps it is now, today, more than yesterday, that we have got to rebuild the Hacienda.

A Belgian premier accompanied by a display that comes to us from the imagination of the artist Yoan Mudry.