Where Are We Now with Artists’ Rights?

Wed 26.09.2018, 18:30

A roundup of the current situation hosted by Rosa Brux and Hélène Mariéthoz focusing on the various Swiss initiatives and demands aimed at concretely improving artists’ working conditions.

Guest speakers:

Hélène Mariéthoz
Freelance curator

Yaniv Benhamou
Attorney for Lab-of-arts, an association that works to promote artmaking by furnishing legal assistance to working artists in the form of a legal assistance bureau. The bureau’s attorneys are Joëlle Becker, Yaniv Benhamou, Marc Rossier, and Zoé Seiler.

Thierry Apothéloz
State Councilor in charge of the Department of Social Cohesion

Tiphanie Blanc
Freelance curator based in Brussels and Geneva who represents Wages For Wages Against. Begun in 2017, this campaign has been fighting for artists and art workers producing projects in Swiss not-for-profit institutions.

Samuel Schellenberg
A culture reporter for Le Courrier, in 2018 he carried out an investigation at some 20 Swiss institutions on artists’ working conditions, focusing in particular on the question of compensation for their services.

Virginie Keller
Head of the Culture Department of the City of Geneva

Olivier Kaeser
Director of the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris, where he mounted the first version of Essayer encore, rater encore, rater mieux (Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better) in 2018. He has worked with many artists in the visual arts as well performance, music, theater, and dance.

Patrick Gosatti
Head of Visual Arts, he represents the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia’s thinking on the various questions touching on artists’ compensation.

Rosa Brux